Friday, November 25, 2005

Does he have a good (or bad) smell or something?

TallulahOh, I definitely think it's a good smell. That's what it must be -- his scent. Because literally every pet in my family has fallen in *LOVE* with my boyfriend (myself included, of course). From my cat, Dixie Lou (who follows him like a dog when he calls her and "makes biscuits" on him every chance she gets, she has a total crush on him -- and she has always been the bitch of the household, which is really saying something considering she & I BOTH live here!) to my mom's Goffin's cockatoo, Tallulah (a total sweetheart anyway, but who will literally get up in his face & adoringly make kissing noises while delicately pecking his lips), among others. Seriously, from the moment he arrived, I should say, in "our" lives, the animals have been totally & completely enamored w/ him, waaaaaaay beyond the norm... Of course, I think it's great because, as an overly-zealous animal-lover, a man who loves & is good w/ critters is oh-so-very attractive to me. Moreover, I firmly believe that there is something inherently good & wonderful in a person who is such a [literal] magnet for animals (except snakes in JP's case, which make him scream like a girl -- but a very manly girl). But I agree w/ the little beasts 100% -- there's just something about Jon. I love, Love, LOVE him... Can you tell? ;)
Dixie Lou
Oh, what a pathetic & pitiful SAP I've become!!! But you know what? Quite a happy little sap I am. Thanksgiving? Well, I'm thankful for the turn my life has made over the past year -- the emotional roller coaster (the metaphorical twists & loops & rises & falls I will spare those of you reading this -- for which YOU should now be thankful!) has finally come to a halt & I'm just plain HAPPY. And, man, is it a nice place to be! {insert BIG, happy grin}

So, on that note, I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving (I think I ate my body weight in food -- ending in what I like to call the "food coma")... In the wake of Katrina & Rita, the war in Iraq, death & loss, etc., it's sometimes humbling to step back & look @ all of the things I take for granted all too often, as I have been truly, truly blessed. Family, friends, a comfortable lifestyle, various opportunites & experiences afforded me -- God has given me so much more than I can ever deserve & I am a lucky girl. A THANKFUL girl...


Blogger Mother Goose said...

Girl, buy a ring and be daring and ask that boy to marry you this Christmas. Yay for y'all. I'm really happy for you. Sorry I've been so absent lately ... life (and death) have a way of intruding on my blog time. Hopefully now I'm BACK, but no promises.

9:45 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

I'm quite fond of him, you never know!!! Hee, hee... Except that I told him you said that, so the element of surprise is now gone... ;)

I'm sorry about your recent stuff... But remember, just when you think life's roller coaster has hit a dip it from which it cannot rise, you fly back up to the top unexpectedly!!! How's that for a cheesy metaphor? Yeah, pretty bad...

12:13 PM  

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