Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hunting Season.

It is hunting season here in Mississippi, so with football winding down (or up, depending upon what team you root for, or "for whom you root"), I get to hear more & more about things I really do not care to hear about. But anyway, along with hunting season comes the worry that someone will shoot our sweet little doe, Willow. She's only a year old, so she's not very big, and she dons a lovely and stylish hunter orange collar, as evidenced by her mug shot to the left, but there are some assholes out there and you just never know. So anyway... I heard about this man up in Pennsylvania who spray-painted all of his farm animals with orange paint to deter hunters from shooting them -- horses, goats, chickens, dogs, the works... The thought of a hunter-orange painted chicken is hilarious, but I must admit, it's not a bad idea! I suggested we try this tactic with Willow, but no one took me up on the offer... yet. But if you see an orange deer, feel free to give her some love. Or just feed her 'Nilla Wafers and she'll adore you forever.


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