Monday, December 05, 2005

The World Outside "Kelly Land".

(title credited to an excerpt from a recently received text message from a pal...)

There really IS a world outside of my life? Who knew...

Seriously, though... every once it awhile I'll do something that makes me think I must be the biggest oddball on earth, how could there ever be anyone whose whole life & personality is as strange & intense as mine? How selfish of an outlook is that? And not in a pressure-like intense way, but in an self-affecting-intense way. Hmmmm... ponder that real tough one. Eureka! -- could it be everyone else in this pretty large world has stuff going on, too, in their own lives -- with or without me!? Perish the thought!!!

On Friday night, we ventured out to an actual EVENT in Meridian -- and a cool one at that! We started out drinking @ Weidmann's (as usual -- & no doubt the loudest & most obnoxious, or youngest, table -- success!). You forget what faces can pop up in Meridian when you least expect it, even if it is a {relatively} small town. It thank 1/2 of the town was @ the Meridian High football game (including my parents, who have told me repreatedly what a good game it was -- okay, I get it, but I was happier to see my beer)... they showed up later at the Son Volt concert, which was great, & that happy fun was no doubt aided lovingly by a nice little buzz!!!

The hightlight of the night -- and I dare anyone present to disagree -- was our table witnessing one of our friends, who is notorious for instigating drama & fights, was accusing a local (female) tv personality/friend of ours of giving him the "fuck me eyes" on her last broadcast, and then, KABLOOM! He & his chair hit the ground, just as an older lady he had a drunken, ummm, encounter with, who now ignores him like the plague, and who is now dubbed "[friend-in-question]'s girlfriend" in an off-the-shoulder tight & skimpy little number. It was the most classic moment & I got the biggest belly laugh out of it. It put me @ peace to see such a beautiful moment from start to finish. Put it this way, I was giggling so hard, I was snorting... I just couldn't get my camera out fast enough, & he had already uprighted himself by the time I snapped the picture below:


Blogger Memphis Steve said...

So he fell over and did she push him over?

12:48 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

He just flat out leaned back himself and fell flat over. It was beautiful.

9:29 AM  

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