Friday, March 31, 2006

Get Your Culture On...

  • All you ever wanted to know about DOG SHIT and then some!!!
  • Ku Kluck Bill, the world's youngest Klucker...
  • "10-4, good buddy..." Ha!
  • If I never hear the term "man loaf" again in my life, I think that will be just fine. Who knew Fez would kiss & tell?
  • Dance, white boy, dance!!!
  • See, even Justin Timberlake thinks K-Fed is "gross"... Not that I consider JT to be the Dalai Lama of all things entertainment, but still... the man does have a point. And, Britney, puh-leeeeze put on a little bit of make-up or get your roots done. Just make it look like you gave it some effort, k?
  • The Dan Band (remember the band from "Old School"? Rock on!!!)
  • Cat fight on "The View"? Look at that disgusted face Joy Behar makes at the mere sound of Star Jones Reynbolds' voice. I totally understand.


Blogger Silent One said...

Thank you so much for your friendship!

You're a great person

Thanks for the laughs too....

10:47 AM  

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