Monday, April 17, 2006

The Easter Ribbit.

Easter morning was a lovely unexpected surprise for me thanks to my much-sweeter-than-myself boyfriend... My parents were at the beach, [Jon & I] had a lunch date with my grandmother after church, I got to sleep in... Then Jon wakes me up to show me what the oh-so-thoughful Easter Bunny left for me -- he had even hidden little eggs all over the yard for me to find -- on birdfeeders, in plants, under trees... too sweet! While my lazy ass was snoozing away, my wonderful boyfriend -- ahem! -- I mean, the Easter Bunny was getting some of my favorite candy, flowers, goodies, etc.!!! Even my good buddy, the frog-in-the-plant, got me a little Easter card & had it stuck in the plant (see picture)... How thoughtful of the little guy. Who knew frogs could write, huh? ;)

Then... I'm sad to admit, I skipped church. And it had nothing to do with not enjoying services at my church because I really, really do, and I had every intention of going this morning... but it was solely because I absolutely dreaded getting dressed. Yeah, I got dressed for lunch, but it wasn't exactly "Easter Sunday" attire, & a Southern girl has her standards, right? Oh, fiddle-dee-dee... How terrible does that sound? Seriously though, I haaaaate blow-drying my hair. I have really thick hair & my hairdresser says it is "very porous", which I presume is hair-speak for, "takes fucking ages to dry". (fun fact: strangely, my hair is only thick on my head -- my arms & legs are nearly bald... not that I'm complaining about that!) We did stop & love on Tallulah for a sec -- or rather, Jon did. Because she didn't care about me once she saw him & got to give him Easter kisses (see right)... Anyway, as for missing church today, I chastise myself & am ashamed -- I really am... and on Easter of all days. Shame on me. SHAME ON ME.

Then, Jon had the gall -- the gall! -- to make me be somewhat productive yesterday! We made the requisite trip to Lowe's (every man's wet dream) & then we stained my adirondack chairs... something I've been wanting to do for, oh, 5 or 6 years now. I'm just a tiny bit of a procrastinator, huh? We also pulled up the pansy bed/Indian burial mound we planted this past winter (sniff, sniff) so that it can fill in w/ grass. It's in one of those places whose location makes absolutely no sense -- so away it shall go! Not sure who made that brilliant call when the landscaping was first being done... And of course, once again, Jon did most of the work while I pitifully weeded my flowerbeds & took pointless pictures like the one at left...

I was sick for the last 2 days of the work week last week (I went in for about 2 hrs. on Fri., hardly anything to write home about) so I have a lot of goodies to catch up on as well as the stuff I already needed to do (important to mention it's all hurried a bit anyway b/c of the upcoming jaunt to Prague -- I'm already out a week there.)... plus a doctor's appointment... plus a dentist appointment... plus packing... lots of fun stuff. Ha, ha.

Anyway... here's a bit of pop culture for you before I leave for an appointment:

  • Okay, what the fuck, Brad? Was the blonde hair not bad enough? Now he's emulating Maddox Jolie-Pitt (and "Barbie Cardinal") with a new mohawk, or Mohican, or whatever. Is it 1985 again?
  • Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise, still no baby? How has she not popped yet? I swear, I think this is her 45th trimester. She must really be against the Scientology "silent birth" thing to still be holding that giant baby in! That, or she is either having to wait until Tom confirms that the baby is indeed the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard or until it gets as big as Tom himself, whichever happens first... I'll be honest: Tom Cruise freaks me the fuck out. Gross...
  • Tragic: Paris Hilton sings "Happy Birthday" to Hugh Hefner. Honey, no matter how many men you fuck (or even which ones), you're still no Marilyn Monroe.
  • Who Would Buy THAT!?
  • I can't believe it... It appears as though my fair state of Mississippi -- the "Hospitality State", no less! -- is NOT one of the top "invasion" choices for Mexicans, as shown by THIS "invasion map"... Hard to believe, I know. Ha, ha...
  • Diamond-studded Martini = $3,000 But is it, EXTRA dirty? Oh, it would have to be... (sly smile)


Blogger Silent One said...

aaawww... isn't your bf sweet.. to do all that Easter stuff for you... and the frog getting you a card.... what a cute card!!!

I had a good laugh at, "Very porous hair" Mine is the exact same... takes friggin forever to dry!!!

eeeww on Brad's new hair... that is just wrong!

When you leaving for Prague?? for how long??

4:55 PM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

He is a wonderful, wonderful boyfriend -- better than I deserve, for sure!!!

Leaving for Prague this weekend for a weeklong trip to visit a friend -- can't wait for a nice vacation from this ol' town!!! It's been awhile...

But don't you "me-stalkers" out there get any bright ideas as my house will not be vacant & the critters will have company the whole time... ;)

5:24 PM  
Blogger JonPDalewood said...

The Easter Ribbet said to tell you "you're welcome and to have a great trip, he'll miss you".

9:59 AM  
Blogger umrebel said...

The Queen gone? Wont there be a revolt of the peasants?

11:10 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

JPD: Tell the Easter Ribbit I'll miss him as well. Oh, and you, too! Hee, hee...

umrebel: As for the peasants, let them eat cake!!! I'll be busy drinking beer... ;)

12:14 PM  

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