Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday at Random.

This was my daily (Aquarius) horoscope yesterday... just found it kind of ironic, given that everyone around me has major DRAMA right now. Seriously, I think it's in the water or something.

Quickie: Putting new ideas to work is more important than completing anything right now.
{okay, so does that mean I don't have any obligation to finish a damn thing? I can just pawn my procrastination off as "brainstorming"? Rock on!}

Overview: How do you always end up in the middle of a drama when you haven't auditioned for the role? It's time to steer clear of types who always love to stir up trouble. You need a calmer and more mature set of friends.
{Amen!!! While I'm not giving up my friends, I could definitely use a whole lot less drama, that's for damn sure!!! How do "they" know? I think I'm being stalked by the writer of the Yahoo! Horoscopes...}

Last night, I was sitting outside on my porch watching my dogs torture each other (literally). Of course I looked over and saw my faithful little friend right next to me (see left). Is that the face of contentment or what? Oh, to be so carefree... Actually, he looks kind of stoned. Oh, to be so..... wait, nevermind. ;)

Some people are geniuses, I swear. I only wish I had thought of this earlier & I could be a millionaire sitting on a beach in Tahiti binge-drinking margaritas (frozen w/ extra salt, of course): Off-Road Commode. And in camoflauge, no less! Stylish! This, my friends, is bumper-peeing at its finest! I should know, I was a professional back in high school when our idea of a fun night out was to ride out in the country drinking. And this contraption, which hooks onto your trailer hitch (brilliant!), touts that it supports up to 500 lbs.!!! FIVE... HUNDRED... POUNDS... WTF!? I guess if you're 500 lbs., you pretty much need something to support your fat ass b/c -- let's take the bull by the tail & face the situation -- squatting just ain't gonna cut it. But 500 lbs.? Can you even fit in a vehicle if you weigh 500 lbs.? I'll be sure to let everyone know one of these days if I don't stop inhaling food day in & day out...


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