Friday, September 22, 2006

Must Love Dogs.

That's Winston's "I-Dropped-My-Toy-Will-You-Pick-It-Up?" face... He's so freaking adorable, he borders on edible... just look at those EYES!!! Just don't let them fool you into thinking that he is this poor little tortured soul (he's got the routine down pat, I promise you!) because he is about as rotten as they come!!!

The critters (minus my snobby little Dixie Lou, of course) were so excited that "Aunt Molly" came by to visit while in town from San Antonio -- and gave out many more hugs & kisses to my domestic furballs than I give on a daily basis!!! Plus, mine are boring, hers are fresh & new!!! She was even willing to get down on the floor and PLAY!!! She may not know it, but she just made 2 more best friends for life. Her sweet cock-a-poo, Bella, has recently (in her words) "become a woman". Which means, she's a disgusting mess and is now sporting a black leather Harley Davidson doggie diaper that is a couple sizes too small. Hey, just be glad that I'm sparing you the details that I got to hear because I could really take this one a lot further. As in, too far...


Blogger Silent One said...

Glad the critters have someone new to love....

Winston is such a cutie!

10:03 AM  

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