Monday, April 02, 2007

pinch da heads, suck da tails..

See that up there? Those are the remnants of some good-ass crawfish!!! Thanks to Laura and her family for inviting ALL of us to suck some heads and pinch some tails at their camphouse in Macon, Mississippi (and I use the word "camphouse" lightly as this place was absolutely amazing!!!)... Though there was a little bit here & there of the usual atrocious behavior -- religious debates, lovers' quarrels, inappropriate commentary, even late-night karaoke -- a good time was had by all!!!!
The above pics came from both myself and my friend Meredith, but I have to say that this little beauty I shot of Kapree takes the damn cake! Ahhh, gotta love "The Drumstick Whore" pose... ;)



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