Friday, March 03, 2006

Random Bits & Pieces...

  • A friend sent this via e-mail -- I promise it's worth your while to take a gander at: Ouch! Love Hurts (2 pages)
  • Like I said in one of my previous posts, my grandmother reminded my family to keep feeding the birds, even though it's winter and they fly south. But we ARE the South!!! Anyway, there was an article in our local paper today about it, and what seed to put where to attract which birds... It's actually pretty interesting... SO FEED THE BIRDS!!!!
  • I work with a woman who has had laryngitis all week -- as in, she can't talk AT ALL... And this is our busiest time of the month in the office. Bless her heart, she's been having to write stuff on message pads, knock on her desk to get our attention, have other people make and answer phone calls for her, etc. Of course, we all told her to try a little whiskey & sugar (hey, if it was good enough for my grandmother to give me for a cough when I was an itty-bitty kid, it must be good enough for laryngitis, right?) and I think after the week we've all had, she might just try a lot of whiskey & sugar!!! Anyway, we joked to her that she should pin a note to her shirt like in elementary school when the teacher wanted to make sure your parents got something, and when she did, it actually worked quite well. If you can't read it in the picture to the right, her little sign says, "Sorry, I can't talk." I think the best retort so far, though, was when her mother came by, read it, and exclaimed, "So I can say anything I want to you right now and you won't talk back!" Classic.
  • Frog Update for all of those not interested. He is alive and well and taking full advantage of the warm weather we've been having by fattening up on bugs and enduring my incessant photographing of him for really no good reason. But I do it anyway. Chalk it up to his "rent".
  • And last but certainly not least is one of the latest pictures of my nephew/son (remember, my cousin told me over Christmas that I could have him). Of course, although he's mine, I'm letting her take care of him all the way over in Georgia -- it fits in with my work & social schedule so much better that way. And financially, not having to pay anything to feed & clothe him is nice. And not changing dirty diapers. And being able to give him back to her if he starts crying (which he never does anyway b/c he's just a perfect little angel). Oh, and not having to breastfeed -- that's a BIG one!!! Ha... But anyway, I just had to post a picture of the little cutie-patootie... could you not just EAT HIM UP!? As my grandmother says, his smile practically takes up his entire face, and all he does is smile...


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