Friday, August 18, 2006

Southern-Fried Couple

This is what can happen when you put two people who were dressed for work out in the August heat for about 30-45 minutes here in Mississippi. We turn into the equivalent of wet rats (not to mention I was wearing a blazer from which I had to disrobe b/c it was just too fucking hot, only to look like I was walking around in a negligee with black pants -- a real career-making outfit). Mmmmm, can you smell us through the computer screen? Yummy.
I watched some show on the 40 Most Shocking Celebrity Mug Shots yesterday on VH1, and I think our pictures above would rival approx. 34 of the ones featured on t.v.!!! Except that we weren't drunk, high, starting fights, or playing bongos in the nude.


Blogger Silent One said...

cute mug shots....

even with the sweat dripping off of you

10:32 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

Believe me, it wasn't pretty! And to make it worse, we met all of our friends out later after we got back to town!!! Hope the smell of the bar overpowered the stench of US!!!

12:40 PM  

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