Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Don't pinch me -- I'm wearing my GREEN!!! Albeit in the form of a green bead necklace that looks like English peas, a green suede purse, a green pea coat, and, of course, the green finger- and toenail polish (accessorizing a black ensemble, the greatest & most versatile of all clothing colors)... And tonight I plan to partake in some fermented barley & hops in liquid form en masse, and at this point, I really don't care if it's green or not...

Speaking of all things green, my frog now has a roommate. Or a plantmate. Or a girlfriend. Notice how I have totally given this frog not only a sex, but also a personality? call me the Queen of Anthropomorphism... But seriously, aren't they just 2 adorable little peas in a pod? Those poor little frogs -- they're probably totally accustomed to the camera flash, more than any "wild" animal should be. Lord help me, I ain't right...

You know what would make my St. Paddy's Day just the best ever? To be able to smack the shit out of this bitch with an Irish flute or a beer bottle or something hard & painful. I mean, that fake & utterly disgusting smile just SCREAMS, "I deserve to be hurt, and badly":
Anyway, I'll drink one for you if you'll drink one (or 4, or 5, or 10) for me... Oh, and slap her for me if you see her.


Blogger Needra said...


Love the post!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too.

Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot... I would hate to go to work tonight and not be wearing green....

I love it.. that your little frog friend has a new friend. See word is spreading fast that you have the best plants on the block.

Have a good time tonight!!!
Serving green drinks all night... should be a blast.

4:11 PM  
Blogger umrebel said...

Now what has Hillary ever done to you, you know that she had an Irish heritage

11:39 AM  
Blogger *the queen* said...

Hillary has an Irish heritage? Good, less likely that we are related. Whore.

1:05 PM  

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