Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wilco, Jessica Simpson, Brangelina, etc.

A bunch of us went to see Wilco last night and had a blast... I must admit, though, it was so weird to turn around in the bar @ Weidmann's (because, let's face it, who can go to a concert sober, right?) and see several different people I knew from college who were in town for the show -- great to see them, though!!! Small world... Especially if you go to college only 90 miles from where you are born. Yeah, that probably makes a bit of a difference, too...

Where does this little hussy Jessica Simpson get off snubbing the freaking PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!? At what point do you deem your "cause" worthy of the President's attention, no matter the political party affiliation, Jess? And to think, she's a native Texan at that! I guess I didn't realize charity was so partisan (claiming that the reason is b/c her charity is a non-partisan group is just silly -- you take face time with the President whenever you can get it if it might help your cause, you idiot skank!). You know, just for that, I hope Nick Lachey DOES get alimony from her and that her dad suffers from an especially itchy case of crabs. He's entirely too annoying and creepily involved in her life anyway... I read all those gossip magazines, so OF COURSE, I know the truth!!! Hee, hee...

Angelina's Subservient Pull Toy -- Image from Gallery of the AbsurdIn other entertainment news, rumors are swirling that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie ("Brangelina") are tying the knot this weekend in Lake Como, Italy. Ummm, who the fuck cares? Or let me rephrase that: I totally keep up with all the celebrity gossip shit, and even I don't care. They are already living in sin and she's knocked up, soooooo???? It used to be customary to have the wedding first, move in together next, and THEN have the baby. I guess when you're famous, you don't have to have morals. I still like her, though... Brad, however, is delving into the annoying & irritating Tom Cruise ranks in my book.

*All that being said, the stuff on this site, The Superficial, is mean, ugly, spiteful, vengeful, & I love it!!! Plus, it's a lot funnier than me.

I got a bit lazy and drafted a post that I never published, then added to it and did it again, and again. Well, I finally published it today, but the date says March 13th, so it is out of the natural posting order. But if you want to see it, go here.


Blogger Needra said...

Nick Lachey ... soooo DOES not need that bimbo in his life... finally he came to his senses...

I agree that Brad is boardering on the Tom Cruise type of creepyness. That poor baby.... it has way to much attention already!

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