Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Neglectful Blogger.

Life has sort of gotten in the way of my all-important blogging. The nerve, I swear!!! Home, work, friends, family, you name it... Still, in all of its ugliness, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I've been given a new insight into that, and for it, I am thankful. As a very wise friend told me, "So whatever hardship you are going may be life's little way of grabbing us by the shirt, shaking us & saying don't get too comfortable!!!???" Indeed.

My buddy Matthew has been planning to trek from Prague to Berlin with some pals to attend Love Parade -- renting a car which will double as transportation as well as shelter, all of which sounds like absolute hell to me (then again, I'm not into raves, Ecstasy, Acid, etc., but by the same token, neither is Matthew!). Read about it -- seriously, it sounds like Mardi Gras on LSD. I've been to the Full Moon Party on the beach in Thailand and that was enough for me. Fun, sure... but been there, done that!!!

I wish I had more to offer in this post, but really, it would be a whole bunch of bitching & moaning... and while I am excellent at doing said bitching & moaning, I'll just resign myself to muttering my annoyances & grievances aloud so that those around me can enjoy them in all of their splendor. At least for now...


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